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NLPI Investigator Jay Hollis Releases Book in October 2013

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Pre-Order your copy of Jay Hollis - Haunted Enfield, Releasing in October 2013,

The London borough of Enfield is full of haunted locations, but only a handful of them have ever been featured in books. Haunted Enfield brings together all of the stories, legends and documented evidence of the supernatural from around the borough into one volume. Who are the ghostly figures that roam the corridors of Trent Park mansion, Forty Hall and Myddelton House? Why does the shade of a little girl haunt the King and Tinker pub? Where does the black coach and horses that haunts Enfield Highway and Ponders End go? From famous cases such as the Enfield Poltergeist and the Bell Lane flyer to places that have never been featured before, the book provides an alternate, hidden history of some of the borough's key locations. 


Jay was born in the London Borough of Enfield and has had a fascination for ghosts and the paranormal since early childhood. Growing up in the 1970's/80's, he would often hear of places nearby that were supposed to be haunted and yet most of these would never appear in any books dedicated to the study of ghosts. Eventually, he decided to write a book on Enfield's ghosts himself and has finished working on this. His research has revealed over thirty haunted locations and brought him into contact with NLPI.


Despite describing himself as an open-minded skeptic, Jay has seen two apparitions, both in recent years. One of these was a quick glimpse of a shadowy figure in his mother-in-law's house, where a number of people have seen apparitions, and the other was a friends pet cat that had recently died. He thought nothing of it at the time and it wasn't until the next time he visited his friend that he learned the cat had died a month before his previous visit. He hopes that the next apparition he sees will be caught on film.


Jay has a passion for history that provides an invaluable contribution to NLPI's investigations and works "behind the scenes" as one of the researchers. He also attends investigations as our locations manager.


When not hunting or writing about ghosts, Jay is a guitarist, singer and songwriter.


Jay Hollis will be appearing on NLPI Radio UK, hosted by Mickey Gocool (UK) and Kurt Logsdon (USA) to talk about the release of his book "Haunted Enfield" (Date to be confirmed).

Louise Roche

Co-Founder of NLPI

Forty Hall - The Investigation

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Forty Hall, Enfield - Is It Haunted?

Over the years since Forty Hall was first opened to the public, the question “Is the house haunted?” has often been asked by visitors. Some ask simply because they expect a house as old and historic as Forty Hall to have a ghost or two, but others ask after having experienced something ‘odd’ during their visit. The focal point for most of these experiences seems to be first floor landing on the main staircase, by the stained glass windows, where people have thought that somebody is standing behind them only to find that they are alone.

Another place where strange activity has happened is in the room now designated as ‘Rainton’s Bedroom’, also on the first floor. Some years ago the bedclothes were often found to have been disturbed, as though someone had been sleeping in it, despite the room being cordoned off. Unlike now, visitors were not permitted to enter the room and could only look in through the doorway.

Paranormal research group North London Paranormal Investigations (NLPI) were allowed access to Forty Hall in November 2012. Their core team of four investigators were joined by invited guests to help spread the cost of the Hall’s hire and, on the night, twelve people attended plus Forty Hall’s Operations & Sales Manager, Gavin Williams. They were given exclusive access to all three floors, plus the cellars. The team included three spiritual mediums, none of whom had ever visited the house before or knew anything of its history and it was interesting to hear what they sensed on the initial walk around the rooms. On the first floor landing, one of them felt that an act of violence had been committed there against a young woman and another said that an unhappy elderly female servant stands mournfully by the window, looking out. Is it her spirit that has been sensed by visitors?

They all felt that ‘Rainton’s Bedroom’ had not been the main bedroom of the house but rather the room where the sick and dying would be looked after. One of the mediums, Gillian Trench sensed the spirit of a distraught young woman in her early to mid-twenties, suffering from the symptoms of a fever and subsequent research has revealed that Christian Paul Meyer’s three daughters all died at the Hall; Anne Sophia in 1838 aged twenty, followed five years later by Louisa-Joanna aged twenty-six and Eliza Maria aged twenty-one. If Gillian’s assertion that ‘Rainton’s Bedroom’ was where the sick would be looked after is correct, could it have been the spirit of one of these tragic girls that she picked up?

On the second floor, the three ‘walkie-talkie’ radios crackled into life, as if one of the team were trying to contact the others – but everyone was in the same room and the radios were not being used. Whilst this was not conclusive proof of any paranormal activity, the incident was duly logged. NLPI founding member Mickey Gocool is also sensitive to psychic activity and, while he was filming on the second floor, he kept picking up the spirit of a man called ‘Martin Banks’, who seems to have been some sort of foreman or overseer.

The mediums and Mickey all confirmed the location of the original servants’ staircase and all sensed that there had been a fire there. Three half-hour vigils were held on each of the floors and remotely operated cameras were placed in the Great Hall, The first floor landing and the ground floor corridor, facing the kitchen. However, with only four hours available to them, the team knew they would be lucky to get any good evidence, but everyone came away from the Hall convinced that the house is haunted. As Mickey said afterwards, “Overall we got some light anomalies, the radio incident was good, some EVP (electronic voice phenomena) and some orbs!”

A full report will be given to Forty Hall & Estate for future reference and NLPI are hoping to return to Forty Hall in 2013.


NLPI is about to ROCK the "Haunted House"

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NLPI is about to ROCK the "Haunted House".

Rock Sensation ALEXA DE STRANGE, who recently toured with 80's Icon Toyah, will be joining us on a Live paranormal Investigation. This will be our scariest investigation to date. For the first time in the History of NLPI we will be sending the members from ALEXA DE STRANGE, into the dark and the unknown ON THEIR OWN! Armed with just a night vision video camera each, they will have to find their way through the Haunted house completely SOLO.


For the rest of us all safe and warm in the base camp, will be able to monitor the action using their very own smartphones. That's right! This investigation IS INTERACTIVE AND LIVE. Give us your instructions live over twitter and we will get the band members to do it!

Check our our facebook page for more information.


Robbie Williams is an E.T. rider

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Robbie Williams ducked out of a ghost-hunting trip to go UFO-spotting



The singer asked writer JON RONSON to find a haunted house – prompting a flood of interest from posh castle owners.

Jon said: “These ladies of the manor were throwing their ghosts at Robbie as if they were their debutante daughters.”

But Robbie changed his mind and went to Nevada to talk to UFO “abductees” instead.

Now Jon is desperate to revisit their original plan and write a book with Rob where they go searching for poltergeists.

He added: “We would have been like Danger Mouse and Penfold. I would have been Penfold.

“It nearly happened. We were going to do it - but instead he decided to re-join Take That. My loss was GARY BARLOW’s gain.”

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"There's A Ghost In My House" - The Enfield Independent

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There's A Ghost In My House

I’ve never seen a ghost but after talking to artist Mario Lautier Vella about his debut exhibition Like Home , which details everyday occurrences in his haunted house, I’m beginning to wonder. Mario’s exhibition seeks to explore the idea of sensing and communicating with the invisible. His display includes film, drawing, painting and sculpture, all of which are inspired by daily life in a haunted home.


Mario moved to his Watford home in 2004 but says it wasn’t until 2009 that he had his first supernatural experience.

“It started with little things,“ says Mario. “My bedroom was always icy cold and there was always an edge to that room. The summer I first saw the ghost was in my lounge while I was painting. I was working on a project about my family’s ghost stories and maybe somehow, something had been attracted by this.

“Looking behind my right shoulder I saw him standing in the corner by the door, and as quickly as I saw him, he disappeared, but I didn’t mention it to anyone.

“Then the noises began. The hall floorboards would creak, footsteps would go up and down the stairs and I would hear a lot of strange knocking. It used to keep me up at night as it sounded like I was being burgled. After about four months it got very active and my fear turned to irritation. It was only after my neighbours downstairs told me that they were also hearing noises in my flat that I said something. We invited a medium around to cleanse the house but the activity continues to this day, albeit not so frequently.“


This year, Mario will graduate from the University of Westminster with a Masters in Art and Media Practice.

The project involved researching early methods of communicating with spirits such as Victorian planchetts (a wooden board with a pencil on it), ouija boards and automatic writing. Mario then held séances in a bid to discover who or what was responsible for all the paranormal activity. Mario also researched county archives in Hertford and Watford Central Library to draw up a list of all former residents.

“We discovered there were five presences and I know about four of them, but I’ve only seen one. One spirit we call the lady of the house and even now when a friend comes round the lights flicker as she’s formed an attachment to him. I have this very strange relationship with them all.

“One of the spirit hates my art as they are scared of the masks but I use them for protection and evasion. After all, it’s my house and they’ve had their time in it. This is my way of claiming the space as my own and marking my territory using art.“


Visitors to the exhibition can find out more about Mario’s unwanted house guests and share their own experiences in Oral History Ghost Stories which run on Thursdays, August, 2, 9 and 23 from 2pm-4pm where Mario will record the stories for a future film. On August 30, from 2pm-4pm museum manager, Sarah Priestley, will share spooky tales associated with the museum building and local characters.


"My Pub Is Haunted By It's Former Landlord"

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Paranormal Team Called To The King & Tinker Pub To Find Spirit Of Former Landlord

A landlady is convinced her pub is haunted by its former landlord.

Toni Duke and her husband Barry took on the King and Tinker pub, in Whitewebbs Lane, between Crews Hill and Bulls Cross, in December last year.

The pub’s previous landlord, who took it over in 2004, died of a heart attack when he was in his 60s in an upstairs bedroom approximately six years ago.

Mr and Mrs Duke say they experienced strange goings-on as soon as they moved into the 300-year-old building.

All the staff encountered black shadows roaming throughout the pub during the day and night, although they say the visions appear and vanish so quickly their shape is indistinguishable.

Paintings also fell from the restaurant’s walls without reason. Mrs Duke said when one picture fell, it was replaced, only for another to hit the ground.

Mrs Duke, 47, who describes herself as a “believer and a non-believer,” called in the North London Paranormal Investigation squad, which investigates supernatural activity, to see if any light could be shed on the matter.

Chief paranormal investigator Mickey Gocool and his team carried out an overnight vigil at the pub in April.

Mr Gocool, 46, from Lordship Lane in Wood Green, said: “The first thing I felt was an energy that had recently passed and that there was a man in the upstairs bedroom.

“I felt a presence of a man who had a chest pain, like a heart attack. I described my feeling to the landlord and he said we had just described Paul.”

He said it felt as if the landlord was looking out of the window waiting for a delivery.

He said it is hard to tell if the spirit is happy, and feels he remains extremely attached to the pub.

Mrs Duke, who will not visit the public toilet in her pub alone at night for fear of supernatural activity, is convinced the paranormal investigators are on the ball about the haunting.

She believes the spirit is “definitely” him because a customer asked it through a Ouija board if it liked sausages – the former landlord's favourite food – and it said yes.

Only last week, all of the saucepans in the kitchen fell from their shelves, and as soon as they were put back, they fell once more.

A member of staff is also adamant she plugged in a vacuum cleaner, but as she went to turn it on, she realised the plug had been removed from its socket.

Mrs Duke said: “It doesn’t happen often but there is obvious activity here, although we don’t always see it. It is usually little bits and pieces and you get used to it.

“Why did all these saucepans all fall off the shelves? There was no reason why they all fell. The chef went up to pick them up and they all fell again.”

By Hermione Wright // The Enfield Independent - Wednesday 10th October 2012

Halloween Weekend @ The Gatehouse Pub, Highgate

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HALLOWEEN : NLPI have been Invited to be at The Gatehouse Pub In Highgate, North London, on Saturday 27th October 2012 for Halloween Fun, a mini Paranormal Investigation, Ghost walks, Ghost Talks, Fancydress, Presentations and general question and answer sessions. The event will also have a second venue The Artway Emporium which we hope to be able to showcase Spirit evidence, Talk to real Mediums and a change to buy some great items.

Sunday will be a Childrens day will be Sunday with Facepainting and activities including Meet the real ghostbusters..


Team members taking part please let me know as soon as. Please note that there will be Media Coverage.



Harry Styles buys 3million pound haunted house in Hampstead

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Does anyone else foresee an especially terrifying episode of Celebrity Ghost Stories eventually coming from this?!

We certainly hope so! Harry Styles would be a GREAT - and adorable - narrator!

But apparently, TV shows aside, the One Direction member has purchased a notoriously haunted house in the Primrose Hill and Belsize Park neighborhood of North London!

And the ghost is INCREDIBLY well-known to locals as thief Dick Turpin, who along with his gang, used to frequent a pub near the house in question back in the 1700s!

According to reports, although the now legendary highwayman was executed for horse theft in 1739, his spirit - along with that of his equally famous horse, Black Bess - is said to roam the area…specifically Harry's brand new four-bedroom home!

A source explains:

"The ghost of Turpin has been spotted in the window - and according to legend you can hear the sounds of his horse Bess's hooves. Locals say he used to hide in the courtyard next to the pub waiting for his victims to come down the road before robbing them."

So spooky!

But also AWESOME!

Harry already has a flat in East London, and just in case things start getting a little TOO weird in his new place, we sincerely hope he holds on to it!

At least until the Halloween season passes!

Either that or he could just have Ke$ha come in and check the place out!

We hear she has a, ahem, 'way' with the supernatural that could help bring Turpin some peace in his afterlife!


6 DAYS Tilll Woodchester Mansion

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NLPI & GSS vs.The Most Haunted Woodchester Mansion

There are 6 days left till the North London Paranormal Investigations team and Gloucestershire Supernatural Seekers investigate one of the most haunted locations in the UK.

NLPI are getting all the equipment ready tonight, deleting footage from past investigations, new batteries, charging batteries etc etc.

We have new experiments under our belts and with the help of the talented GSS team we will have a much wider range of equipment and expertise.

Woodchester Mansion here we come.. 15 investigators are on their way ... Let the preparations begin....

Stay Safe

Louise Roche

Co-Founder/2nd Lead Investigator

Protection Spell

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Before NLPI enter a reputedly haunted location, we will always perform a protection spell. Ok, so I know it sounds like this is something from "Harry Potter" but I assure you the spells really will offer you protection from any negativity that could be lurking. We have found that spirits can attach themselves to negative emotions i.e. fear, depression etc.

When performing a protection spell at any investigation, the group form a circle and an investigator will say the protection spell out loud. 

When we have concluded our investigation, we will then form another circle and thank all the spirits that communicated with us on the night.

This protection spell WILL work if you BELIEVE and VISUALISE what is being said. When you have developed this mentality, there is no possible way a negative energy can invade your space, as you are the superior energy.

Stay Safe

Louise Roche

Co-Founder/2nd Lead Investigator